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23 October 2010 @ 09:42 pm
because i am far too attached to this particular book and movie.  
I'm referring to Let The Right One In, of course.

I don't know. The past few days, maybe weeks, all I've been hearing about absolutely everywhere is Let Me In. And I hate it. I hate it I hate it. It's such a fucking mutilation of the most amazing book I've ever read and the movie that came of it.

You can't just take something like that and ruin it, take out half the plot, change the names, change the place... and call it a remake or something based on the book. Eli is called Eli for a reason - she is a castrated boy, named Elias. You can't make a castrated boy of an Abby. They changed the name and they changed the plot that went with it, half of the story entirely. They changed Oskar to Owen, the location to a town in New Mexico. Why? Because they wanted to. Not a damn thing, not a single damn thing that they've changed has had a legitimate reason behind it. They managed to keep it all the same and have it released successfully in the Swedish version, did they not? They still incorporated Hakan's pedophilia and Eli's castration in an implied form. Yes, they cut out the graphic scenes with the young boys and Hakan, the sharing of the memory of the castration, Eli's rape and Hakan's coming back to life and committing said act, but that's understandable. The way that they did it all still worked, still fit in. It was still Let The Right One In, just with the more graphic parts cut out for film release.

I can't deal with it. Let The Right One In is such a big part of me. It was my first Swedish film, first Swedish book. It was, is, what I watch and read when things are going so terribly I can't deal with them otherwise. Oskar and Eli still are my favorite characters of all time. The book especially inspired a a pile of my own stories - mostly Candyfics - and even though they're unfinished, they're still there. I sit there even now and watch the movie until I cry, break down from my own troubles and lose myself in it because I need to get away from them.

Even the title had an impact on me. I have it scrawled across books, pencil cases, snippets of paper I've torn from various things. It's even on my bag. I keep it with me everywhere I go in some way, shape or form. Call me crazy, but it's almost a reminder to me now. That I need to let the right one in.

It was my first really intense book, with what happens to Eli and the entire character that is Hakan. I'd never read anything like it before, not on that level. It was what opened up the doors to the other books I now read - Lolita, Poppy Z Brite. It made me want to seek out those books with the laces of the sick and twisted, to read them cover to cover a hundred times.

Let The Right One In is everything to me when I have nothing else left. On the days when it's just too hard, when I can't listen to music for one reason or another, when I'm cursed by writer's block and it's all just too much... I pick it up or put it on, and somehow it helps a little.

Now...now the Americans have taken the most amazing book I've ever read, the most amazing film I've ever seen, the most amazing characters I've ever known... and they've raped, beaten and tortured it to death. They've made a crime scene of it. They've totally ruined it all, and for what? American and other English-speaking audiences who are too lazy and/or lack the mental capacity to pick up a book or read some subtitles, who refuse to even glance at something with themes and circumstances that are so common and so real and prevalent in their own societies, who are so ridiculous as to refuse the names Oskar and Eli, which - although they are Swedish - are so easily pronounceable in English as to be common in their alternate forms.

I am so fucking sick of hearing about this brutal murder of the best book and film I've ever read and seen. It literally pushes me to tears every time I see someone going on about how fantastic and amazing it is, every time I see another ad or trailer or news headline about it. It hurts me to see how easily they all push something so amazing, so touching, so important, aside for something that disregards it all completely and sticks a tag on it with a lie.

I know, I know, angst post. But I honestly cannot stand seeing one more thing about this remake, or I'm going to seriously hurt someone.
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http://openid.aol.com/wolfchildzzz on October 24th, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I Know
I know what you are saying. I have felt it myself. I too revere Låt den rätte komma in - both the film and the novel - and my reverence has taken quite tangible form. I can't count the number of times that I've watched the DVD from beginning to end. I don't speak Swedish, but I can't even remember that last time I watched it with the subtitles turned on. When the remake was announced, I too was filled with a mixture of dread and disgust. However, something warned me that I had better find a way to accept it; an instinct somewhere between "Choose your battles wisely" and "When rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy". I finally found my path to acceptance by viewing it as fan fiction. Through my web site, I end up reading a lot of LTROI fan fiction. What I like about the fan fiction is not the fiction itself, but the way it is an expression of enthusiasm for this story. The authors want to feel close to the story and the characters. They want to touch them, to participate. I guess you have felt this yourself. I have come to believe that Matt Reeves has also been infected by this story. The only difference is that he is able to summon a $20,000,000USD budget for his piece of fan fiction. They call it a re-adaptation of the novel, a remake of the film - whatever. I choose to see it as Matt Reeves' way of wanting to participate in the story of Oskar and Eli. In this way, I avoid being driven crazy by Let Me In. In fact, I am actually able to be genuinely interested in it as another fan's take on my favorite story. I wonder if he has seen things in it that I have not. Anyway, the reason that I am posting here is that I wanted to invite you to the fan site. If you want to discuss this story with people who are as obsessed with it as you and I seem to be, the fan site is a good place. It seems to be the sanitarium where the most rabid LTROI fans are kept. http://www.let-the-right-one-in.com